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If you look into your family tree and notice any teeth misalignment running in your family, that can be quite common not only here in Brooklyn, NY but all around the world. Teeth crowding and jaw alignment issues are prevalent to different age and races. In addition, these malocclusions are mostly inherited too. We can see bite problems not only in children but also even up to adults, if not treated early.

The good news though is that Brooklyn Orthodontics offers braces for all ages! You might have thought that braces are limited to a certain age group, specifically children. But at the office of Dr Mohamed AlJanabi, we make sure that patients of any age needing and wanting orthodontic services will be well accommodated in our clinic in Brooklyn, NY.

These are a few important things to know about having braces if you or your family members fall
in these age groups:

For Children

Teeth development while we are still young is very important. This stage dictates what our teeth
will look like at an older age. Here are the three major possible causes of malocclusion:

Heredity. As stated above, malocclusions may flow into the family genetically. Our
genes dictate how big or small our teeth are and what shape they take when we mature.Even our jaw width and shape will be dependent on our genes. Big teeth on a small jaw can lead to crowding. Small teeth on a big jaw may cause diastemas.
Oral habits. During our younger years, we develop different habits like thumb sucking that could interfere with the normal alignment of our teeth. Since our bones are still soft
at that time (less dense compared to adults’ jawbone), a simple habitual thumb sucking can move our teeth to an undesirable position.
Early loss of baby teeth. This can be a causal factor too especially when space
maintaining appliances are neglected. As an example, when your baby tooth is lost before your permanent tooth appears, the adjacent teeth may be repositioned into the space for that certain permanent tooth– ensuing conceivable space problems.

You probably have observed these issues on children’s teeth. If so, having an appointment with
Dr. AlJanabi would thwart these from occurring or worsening. Early detection of orthodontic problems would lessen the severity of potential malocclusion, possible tooth infections and,
decrease the expenses.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), it is best to have children assessed by an orthodontist at the age of seven. That age is recommended for ease in correcting and guiding teeth eruption, jaw development, and oral habits like thumb sucking and minor speech problems. Moreover, tooth extractions can also be prevented.

Also, proactive parents can gauge if their child necessitates orthodontic attention. If your child exhibits any of the following, you can always go to our clinic in Brooklyn, NY for assistance:
● Premature loss of baby teeth
● Presence of oral habits like thumb sucking
● Difficulty performing functions like chewing, speaking, closing the lips
● Apparent teeth crowding, overly teeth spacing or cheek biting
● Jaws that shift, make sounds, protrude or are recessed
● Facial asymmetry
● Teeth grinding

For Teens

If you are still a teen or you know someone who is, you can relate to this statement, “Teens
nowadays are very concerned with how they look.” With the recent growth in the orthodontic field, braces are no longer as dreadful as many teens may imagine. In fact, braces today come in an assortment of styles, materials, and colors– a definite plus for teens that are conscious of how their braces might look on them.

In Brooklyn, NY, we offer a number of possibilities to pick. There are conventional metal, ceramic and invisible braces. Each has its own uses and indications. You may discuss with Dr AlJanabi if which option will be best for your case. With us, you have the choice of easy, comfortable and stylish braces.

For Adults

Some may ask if braces are still applicable for patients age 21 and above. The answer is—YES! According to the AAO one out of five orthodontic patients is an adult. Thus, in contrary to what
you may have thought, orthodontics is not just for children and teens. Generally, adults like you
decide on having braces because they appreciate the importance of having properly aligned teeth to facilitate better function and maintenance and they desire to feel more comfortable with their tooth appearance.

Adult patients have the chance to consult our team in Brooklyn Orthodontics regarding your orthodontic concern. We can evaluate if you are a good candidate for clear, self-ligating, lingual braces or clear aligners. All these can assure an improved bite.

No matter what your age is the moment you become aware that you need to have braces, you can always consult Dr AlJanabi. Our team will be able to recommend all the latest orthodontic options. A good bite will entail better chewing and speaking functions, an improved look and confidence. Being a part of a comprehensive treatment, orthodontics will help you long term.

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