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Many of our patients are very enthusiastic after receiving their braces and finally being on the road to having a straighter brighter smile. After our patients come to Brooklyn Orthodontics for braces we like to provide them with some common information about life with braces and what you should expect.

The common oohs and aahs with braces

For the first few days of orthodontic appliance installation, you will have a few peculiar moments related to your braces. These are some of the common concerns other braces wearers have said:

Discomfort caused by braces and appliances

The most common issue for our patients who have just received their braces is teeth and mouth soreness. Because the braces are new to your mouth and the pressure it produces is to the mouth, the initial pain is a normal part of the process and won’t last forever. This will subside and you will get used to the sensitivity especially after every appointment.

Here are some tips though to manage the pain:

You can dissolve one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water. Swish and gargle for a couple of minutes. You can feel immediate pain relief after doing this. However, if the discomfort continues, you may take pain reliever medications. You can ask us for a prescription for this.

Lip, cheek and tongue red ulcers may also appear. Nevertheless, allow your oral tissues about two weeks and these will be familiarized to the orthodontic appliance placed. We will gladly give you some wax to apply on the brackets of your braces. This will lessen the friction between your oral tissues and brace brackets.

What to eat

For the first few days, we advise soft but non-sticky food. There can be some food choice sacrifices at first but don’t worry as our team in Brooklyn, NY will lend you a hand in adapting. Until you can bite on tough food, you might miss on some of the regular go to items like pop corn and potato chips for a while.

The following is a basic list of some of the food to AVOID with braces:
● Chewy and sticky foods — bagels, licorice, caramel candies, chewing gum
Remember that its very important we to maintain the cleanliness of your braces and
these foods can make that quite difficult.
● Crunchy and Hard foods — popcorn, chips, ice, nuts, hard candies
These can cause discomfort the first few days. These may also compromise the
strength and durability of your braces.
● Foods that require biting into — corn on the cob, apples, carrots
Same as with crunchy food, your brackets may become dislodged while trying to eat
these kinds of food.

Just remember to eat food that you think you can tolerate. For precautions, here are the foods
you CAN eat with braces:
● Dairy — soft cheese, pudding, milk-based drinks
● Breads — soft tortillas, pancakes, muffins w/o nuts
● Grains — pasta, soft cooked rice
● Meats/poultry — soft cooked chicken, meatballs, lunch meats
● Seafood — tuna, salmon, crab cakes
● Vegetables — mashed potatoes, steamed spinach, beans
● Fruits — applesauce, bananas, fruit juice, fruits sliced into small pieces
● Treats — ice cream w/o nuts, milkshakes, Jell-O, soft cake

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Food rich in calcium and Vitamin C will be good for your bones and gums. Do not forget to have
some of those.

Induced salivation

As there is a foreign object adhered to your teeth, your salivary glands may yield more saliva than you usually have. Some people may find this funny but it is better to have a wet mouth than to have a dry mouth. A dry mouth can be susceptible to dental caries and with braces on your teeth; we definitely do not want that.

Temporary tooth loosening

If you feel that your teeth become a little mobile, do not freak out! This is typical. Your braces
must first loosen your teeth in order to move them into the right position. Once your teeth have been repositioned, they will no longer be loose.


The secret to a successful orthodontic treatment is faithful patient compliance. Your dental braces can be difficult to uphold if you are not willing to follow the maintenance instructions.

Cleaning your teeth and braces

Since you have taken the time to get your braces, extra care should be taken to ensure that visually no food will be left on your teeth.

Other patients still develop tooth decay or inflamed gums during their treatment. We can assist
you in choosing the right toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss to lower the chances of this
occurring for our patients. At Brooklyn Orthodontics, we are happy to teach you how to clean your teeth and braces.

Taking care of your braces

There can be some instances that your bands and wires may come wobbly and loose. Don’t
panic! If you notice a loose wire, you may gently push the wire to its position with an eraser
end of a pencil. Put some wax or a moist cotton ball on that wire to prevent any sores. This can
temporarily fix the problem. Ideally, if this emergency arises, you can always call us to have
your bands or wires reattached like new. Make sure that you bring the part of the appliance that
went off as well.

The fate of your dental appliance greatly depends on your ability to take precautions and care. If
you sense that something is wrong with your braces, take the liberty to do the necessary actions and contact us. Damaged appliances may alter the planned treatment process. Therefore, early diagnosis and solutions on the damaged appliance will be favorable.

If you love playing sports here in Brooklyn, NY, accidents may take place. Mouth guards perfectly made for you can be your best protection. Dr AlJanabi will make it accustomed to your teeth and gums. Even if you are under orthodontic treatment, you can still enjoy your favorite sports with mouth guards.

Regular orthodontic consultations

Orthodontic visits and consultations do not stop after the fitting of the braces. Regular check-ups
are necessary to monitor the status of your teeth, teeth movement and gums. Our team will try to make a schedule comfortable with your Brooklyn, NY lifestyle.

Now that you have a detailed description of what life will be like with braces, are you still up for the challenge? Are you still keen to go through all the regulations? You should be! For every
is the key effort on moving through the orthodontic process, a bright smile awaits! Contact our team in Brooklyn Orthodontics and discover your orthodontic options!.

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