Tips for Brooklyn Teens With Braces

Embracing High School with a Metallic Smile

Ah, high school! A time filled with vibrant memories, friendship, first loves, and… braces? Yes, you read that right. For many Brooklyn teens, high school is synonymous with orthodontic adjustments. But worry not! While the journey of getting those pearly whites straightened can be a roller coaster, there are several ways to confidently navigate high school with braces.

Embrace Your Braces

Let’s start with mindset. Consider your braces not as an obstruction, but as a unique accessory. Own it! After all, Brooklyn thrives on individuality. Celebrate your braces as a stepping stone to the future confident you.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Braces or not, brushing and flossing is paramount. However, with braces, there’s an added responsibility. Carry a dental kit in your backpack. Regularly rinse your mouth after meals to prevent food particles from sticking around your brackets and wires. This not only ensures a clean mouth but also avoids any embarrassing food-stuck-in-braces moments.

Wear Them as a Badge of Honor

Remember, braces don’t define you. But they can be a fun conversation starter! If anyone curiously asks about your orthodontic experience, share it with enthusiasm. Braces today come with a choice of colorful bands; maybe choose your school colors or holiday themes to make them fun and season-relevant.

Pain Management

It’s natural for braces to be uncomfortable or even painful sometimes, especially after adjustments. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful. Also, orthodontic wax can be a savior for any poking wires. Don’t hesitate to approach your orthodontist if the discomfort persists.

Braces-Friendly Diet

While the temptation to dive into Brooklyn’s diverse culinary scene is undeniable, some foods can be problematic for braces. Avoid hard candies, sticky foods, or anything that puts excessive pressure on your braces. But don’t fret! This opens an opportunity to explore delicious, soft foods to eat with braces, like Junior’s cheesecake or an egg cream from The Brooklyn Farmacy..

Join the Club

You’re not alone in wearing braces. Many fellow students are going through similar experiences. Create or join a support group, be it online or offline, where you can share experiences, tips, and encouragement with other teens with braces.

Look Beyond High School

Braces are temporary, but the smile they help craft is permanent. Whenever you feel down, visualize your future – college, career, adventures – with that perfect smile. The temporary inconvenience will seem minuscule.

In conclusion, high school with braces can be both challenging and rewarding. Embrace it with confidence and pride. After all, Brooklyn’s spirit is all about standing tall amidst adversity, and showing off your braces is a perfect example of that spirit.

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